Light / Gradual Tanning

Fake Bake Acrylic Bronzing Powder Brush

RRP: £6.25 £5.95


MyTan Tan extender with Moisture Lock 200ml

RRP: £12.99 £8.99


Makebelieve Bronzing Palette 9g



Xen-Tan Face Tanner 177ml

RRP: £16.99 £10.00


Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Moisturising Oil 236ml

RRP: £12.50 £11.25


Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion 170ml

RRP: £13.00 £11.70


Xen-Tan Transform 177ml

RRP: £15.99 £12.95


He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan Self Tanning Lotion 200ml

RRP: £14.50 £13.75


He-Shi fusion Multi Bronze

RRP: £15.50 £13.95



Here at The Tan Bar we offer a wide range of self tanning lotions idle for creating a Light or gradual sunless tan. Our light or gradual tanning lotions come from a wide range of fantastic brands including: MyTan, Xen-Tan, Fake Bake and He-Shi.

Our light and gradual tanning lotions come in a variety of styles and application methods to suit your needs including spray tan solutions, tanning lotions, Tanning mousse and moisturisers. 

Our fantastic self tanning brands provide a professional, authentic looking fake tan that you will love. Here at The Tan Bar all of our light and gradual self tanning lotions are available at the best possible prices so why not place your order today?


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