Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser 170ml

RRP: £13.00 £11.70


Xen-Tan Scent Secure 236ml

RRP: £24.99 £23.99


XEN TAN Scent Secure Gold 236ml

RRP: £26.99 £25.99



Here at The Tan Bar we offer a wide range of moisturisers.

Our moisturisers are perfect for when you're tanning. Our moisturisers help extend your tan and keeps your skin healthy. All of our moisturisers help hydrate your skin. hydrated skin maintains it's quality and stays soft and supple.

Our moisturisers are specifically designed for tanning by many of the best tanning brands such as Fake Bake and Xen Tan

Here at The Tan Bar our self tanning moisturisers are always available at the best possible prices so why not place your order today?


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